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From Helmand’s Provincial Media Center

Two thousand students graduated from the Lashkar Gah trainee center in Helmand province, Feb. 1. Curricula included using computers, learning the English language, sewing, electricity, carpentry, and tractor repair, among other fields.

Helmand governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal, Governor of Daikondi province Qurban Ali Rozgani, members of Afghan security authorities, Nasima Niazai, a member of the Afghan parliament, members of Helmand’s provincial council, and various other officials spoke at the ceremony.

“These youths, who were trained in a total of eight fields have the best opportunity to benefit,” Mangal remarked during his speech to students and their families in attendance. He lamented that unfortunately many other youths become addicted to the opium cultivated from poppies grown here illicitly and never have the opportunities to have better lives.

Mangal urged the graduates to continue their studies. He suggested that those who don’t care for work in the civil engineering fields should enlist with Afghan Uniformed Police or the Afghan National Army and serve their country.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Mangal distributed graduation certificates to the students.

Later in the day, Mangal and various officials cut a ribbon, inaugurating the Helmand province Lashkar Gah girls’ high school.

“Seven hundred female students will be learning to use computers, sewing, embroidery and more during two three or six month semesters,” Mangal announced.


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