Several members of the Afghan parliament and senate praised promotions in Helmand

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Helmand province, Afghanistan — Members of the Afghan parliament and senate traveled to Helmand province, Dec. 12, to visit Helmand Governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal, Helmand province security authorities and representatives of NATO forces.

Emissaries included Abdul Wodood Popal, Shaidkh Niamatullah Ghafari, Habiba Sadat, Nasima Niazi, Merwali Khan, Nadir Khan Katawazi, Gul Bachah Mujadadi, engineer Mohammad Ibrahim Ghashtali, Mohammad Alam Ezidyar, Mulawi Abdul Wali Rajie, Dr. Bashir Ahmad Samim, Jahatul Islam Khaliqdad Balaghi, Mulawi Muhmood Danishjoo, Niamatullah Popal, and Abdul Wahid Sultanzoi.

The dignitaries praised developments in Helmand province and supported the ongoing transition of security responsibilities from NATO forces to Afghan forces.

First Deputy of the Senate Mohammad Alam Ezidyar said that the aim of the trip is to study and consider the current situation, consult with experts in the field and discuss supporting security forces as well as improvement in other arenas.

He said reconstruction during the past three years and decreased poppy cultivation was due to advancements with the security forces. Ezidyar hailed coordination of the security forces as excellent and as the result of increased stability in Helmand province.

During their visit, the dignitaries also toured historical sites in Lashkar Gah city and visited Marja and Nadali districts Helmand province.

~A press release from Helman’s Provincial Media Office


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