Afghan police complete first advanced urban tactics training

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Afghan National Police, Afghan Security, Development

Story and photo by Cpl. Katherine Keleher

An Afghan Uniformed Policeman marches across the stage at the Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest, Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, to accept his diploma during his graduation from the Provincial Response Company Course, Sept. 12. The seven-week course taught the Afghans advanced police skills such as room clearing, fire team-level patrolling, squad tactics and small unit leadership.

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Helmand province, Afghanistan – Thirty-five Afghan Uniformed Policemen graduated from the first Provincial Response Company Course at the Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest, Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province, Sept. 12.

The seven-week course taught the AUP advanced police and quick reaction force tactics.

“For almost seven weeks these policemen have participated in demanding police training,” said Maj. Andrew Martinez, the director of Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest and native of San Antonio.

The course covered advanced combat tactics including patrolling, improvised explosive device detection, close quarter battle techniques and hours of marksmanship training.

These skills are considered crucial as Afghan security forces continue to assume more independence in security operations, and as a result JSAS has been providing more advanced training courses to Afghan security forces Martinez explained.

According to Cpl. Joshua Hillyard, an instructor at JSAS, and a Denton, N.C., native, the 35 graduates will be leaving JSAS to attend more courses with the British military before conducting operation alongside coalition special forces.

With all the training the Afghan National Security Forces have received in the past, and are currently receiving, coalition instructors at JSAS feel confident in the way the future looks for ANSF troops, said Martinez.

“This training will greatly enhance their ability to help bring peace and stability to Southwest Afghanistan,” Martinez said. “These policemen have successfully met the standards and have overcome numerous challenges.”

Before dismissing the AUP at their graduation ceremony, Martinez told them, “I commend each of you on your performance and discipline throughout the entire instruction. I wish you good luck, and may you help bring peace to Afghanistan.”

More photos here.


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